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The most important questions about GZIP compression: why you need it and how to enable your GZIP compression

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What is GZIP compression?

GZIP compression is bundling (zipping) pages on a web server before the page is sent to the visitor.
This saves bandwidth and therefore increases the loading speed of the page significantly.
The visitors' web browser then automatically unzips the pages. This compressing and unzipping only takes a fraction of a second.

GZIP compression is recommended for all types of text files such as:
- HTML (.html) but also all types of dynamic HTML (such as extension .php, .aspx)
- Textfiles (extension .txt)
- CSS and Javascript (extension .css and .js)
- Webservices, such as WSDL, REST and JSON

GZIP compression is not recommended for non-text files, such as graphical files and .zip files because it hardly saves space and can therefore increase the loading time.

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